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Onyx Modulus USSSA Pre-Order Release

As many of you know the current stamp bats are on the way out. So these models will be the last Onyx Softball Bats produced with the current 1.20 USSSA mark. What does this mean? Well, after September all slow pitch bat Manufacturers including Onyx Softball Bats will have to be stamped with a new USSSA stamp tested to a new higher standard. So jump on these quick, because once they are gone… there will be no more.

Modulus Bat release questions

What is the expected ship date?

End of August

What is Modulus?

Modulus tech is a hybrid between our Carbon Advanced and Carbon Flex technologies. This was developed in order to increase durability while maintaining performance. We have also restructured layering of composite and the paint in order to prevent seam separation.

What will they look like?

We have different paint jobs; El Jefe (Black version), Vindicta (White version), Smoke (Black version), and Unicorn Sports Exclusive.

How do we order?

These bats will be available for immediate pre-order through Onyx reps for a limited time. Once we get close to completition online ordering will become available.

Does it come with a Warranty?

No. Our USSSA bats do not carry a warranty.

What are the Onyx Ohana Special Joint End Load Features?

Half oz end load | Special Joint Connection | 13 inch barrel | Modulus Technology

Check out some R & D work below done by Ben Fregoso

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